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It’s the kindness of a horse that you will remember forever.  I had a horse like that, he was so good to me, tried his heart out, sang when we rode together—so I started singing along with him.  He let out huge farts that made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off, had the roughest canter and would try to clothesline you when running through the woods if he could, just to be funny.

Duke with me riding, my neice Serena, and best friend Jodie. This is when I got Duke.


His name was Duke and he was my first horse, a big bay draft cross.  I will never forget him.  I will always be thankful for his patience, dedication, and kindness. I hope that he is still alive, happy, and has a family that is kind to him like he was to me.


My sister riding Duke and me on my barrel horse, Codger, who was a good old soul too!


We used to sing, “Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl, Duke Duke . . . .”  Maybe one day I will see you again, Duke.


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Bravo for Bravo!

Do you remember my post about Bravo, the big thoroughbred? A friend of mine just contacted me and said that she saw Bravo in a field near where she was working.  He is at a new barn with a new owner and a nice field to play in.  He lives near an area that I visit a lot so I am going to stop by and say “Hi”, and say sorry for not standing up for him that day.  Bravo for Bravo!  I’m sure he is one happy horse.

Happy horses!


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Something Like Hope

Yesterday I spent a bit of quality time with Mas.  I gave him lots of hugs and kisses, brushed him, picked his ice ball feet, did a bit of moving the hind end and front end, and played some circling and driving games.  We also worked on him backing up while I was behind him, lifting up on his tail.  He is getting softer with the yo-yo game (backing up from me while I’m standing in front of him) as well.  I can wiggle my finger a bit or move my arms slightly and he backs up.  If I could spend 30 minutes a day with him I think he would respond to queues easier and be lighter.  He is a very smart boy! Spending time with horses, especially a horse that I love, makes me feel optimistic, light hearted, and hopeful.  It makes me realize that all is well in my life.  Mas is something like hope for me.

Here is a short video from yesterday that I made.  Click HERE.

Pretty boy!

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The Power of Focus

Recently, on a CD I was listening to I heard the speaker refer to a “focus wheel” and wondered what she was talking about.  Today, on my lunch break, I decided that it was the perfect time for me to follow-up and to attempt a focus wheel of my own.

A focus wheel is a way to pay particular attention to a certain topic and to find ways to think about that topic that are beneficial to our well-being rather than destructive.  The act of writing rather than simply focusing in our minds causes an even greater effect due to the extra concentration required in the act of writing thoughts down.

The best time to use focus wheels are during times when you feel like you are paying too much attention to unwanted things (lack of free time, lack of money, unwanted body weight, sickness, etc.); when something happens that causes you to be very upset and you can’t seem to get the problem off your mind; when you are having trouble finding the feeling of relief in your everyday life; or when you recognize a limiting factor in your life that you want to change.

The most important piece of the focus wheel is to make sure that all statements in the wheel are positive; however, depending on where you are at emotionally in the process, your focus wheel may be less positive at first, but the more wheels you do on the topic the better they will get.

For instance, if you are very sick and cannot get out of bed, you may want to create a focus wheel that asks for better health.  You would start with the outer wings of the wheel and write a statement for each section.  You could write things like, “I appreciate wellness”; “The doctor has treated me with respect”; “My physical body is amazing and filled with energy”; “I love that I can use my brain to be creative and thoughtful”, etc. Once you fill up the wings of the wheel you would then write the statement in the middle that is what you want, such as “All is well with my body”.

By focusing on the things that you want rather than the things that you don’t want you are stimulating that energy to bring those things forward in your experience.  In only a couple of minutes you are creating changes in your experience.

You can get creative in your focus wheels as well, using different colors and even artwork.  Some people draw a little shape on their wheel, and after they are finished they will write “purify” in the shape to allow the pure thoughts and the desires to line up; you could even write “allow”.  It’s really up to you and your personal preference.

Below are two examples of focus wheels that other people have created.

Get creative with your focus wheel!

You can do a focus wheel this way too.

Go ahead and try it, even if you think it’s hokey, just try one and see what you come up with.  At the very least you will feel better than before you started.


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For The Love of a Horse

Here is a video that I made of my friend, Nicole, riding her horse Aprillee.  They are so cute together!

Click on this link to see the video:

And on the same day, Stephanie, Eliza, Mary Anne and Mas were have a grand old time Ski Joring at The Center.

Click on this link to see that video:

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