Appreciate The Magic

27 Aug

Lately, I have been up to my eyeballs in too many things to do.  I am fortunate, though, to have spent Saturday through Tuesday at Wheeler Pond cabin (owned by the Green Mountain Club) with my husband, Dave, and our two dogs, Otto and Luna.  We were celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary, and 10 years together.  We had such a great time, enjoying the solitude of the pond and the surrounding woods.  It took about one day for time to slow down enough for me and to get my bearings and to relax.

Each morning we woke around 7 am (I seemed to be wide awake at that time) and fired up our stove to make coffee, using water from the pond.  We would eat our cereal and freshly sliced peaches while drinking our coffee.  Then we would read for a couple of hours before heading out on our daily hike.  After our hike we would either read or nap before making dinner, a camper’s concoction, and lighting the candles to read some more. We each finished a book while we were out there and started new books.

One night we decided to check out Parker’s Pie which everyone had been raving about in the cabin logbook.  We had no idea where it was located but decided to drive toward Barton, the closest town, and ask someone.  Good thing we asked–turns out that Parker’s was located in an out of the way spot, near a farm.  It was a very cool pizza place. Picnic tables to eat at in a little field; a balcony with more tables and white Christmas lights; hard apple cider on tap; and plenty of soap and warm running water to wash our face and hands!

A few things that I enjoyed on the trip were the lack of phone and internet service, power, and water.  Doing without causes an appreciation for the things that you do have at the time, such as headlamps, Annie’s mac and cheese, coffee, warm sleeping bags, and comfy pillows.  Lack of internet access and cell phone coverage makes it quite easy to focus on the here and now without the distraction of what if, or when and where.  As the stress of work and commitments rolls away the relief and ease of just being trickles in.  Laughing and joking becomes easier than irritation and anger.

Getting away from it all allowed me to breath again.  I was reminded that everything I need is right here for me.  The majority of our lives should be this way and we should remember that we are here to be joyful, to enjoy ourselves, to have fun and be playful.

I was reminded that my life does not need to be a battle ground for cramming my days with tasks that need to get done.  I want to approach my days with exuberance and gusto rather than a sense of dragging my feet at the start of the day.

To be thankful to be alive.  To be graceful.  To slooow dooown.  Slow down.  Take a breath and slow down.

If only I can maintain this mantra getting back into my life away from Wheeler Pond.  The main struggle in participating in the stress of life is to continually remind myself that I am in control and that I am free to make choices.  I am free to follow my advice for a slower ride.  I am free to decide.  Just as Dave and I were free to travel to a magical place for four days, we are all free to make each day of our lives a magical place.  And to appreciate the magic for what it gives us, each and every day.

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